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Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Centers

All individuals have distinct needs as far as treating alcohol addiction is concerned. Depending on the specific symptoms, the condition can be anywhere from mild to severe. The type of care you’ll need is largely influenced by where you fall in that range, but the options are usually the same for all.

Alcohol rehab programs come in two key types – inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient is when you live at the place where you are getting treatment, such as a hospital or detox clinic. You’ll receive care 24/7 throughout the entire process. Outpatient is when you visit the center for your treatment but still live with your family.

Inpatient typically offers more services and is intended for people having serious health issues (medical or mental), although it may cost significantly more. In contrast, outpatient is a less costly option that is effective and usually safe for treating mild or moderate alcohol withdrawal.

A third but rarer option is residential rehab, which requires you to live at a center for about for 1-3 months.

Tips for Choosing a Program

First of all, create a list of your needs. You can start by asking yourself a few questions. For example, are you dealing with any medical or mental health condition that calls for special attention? Do you have a network of family and friends who support you? If not, an inpatient program might benefit you more. Now check quality and costs for the various options you have. Look for one where the entire staff is licensed and trained, the success rate is high, and the rates are within your capacity.

Before inquiring from a facility, prepare a list of useful questions such as the following:

Do you take insurance, and if so, what types exactly?

Can you email me one of your current treatment plans?

Do you provide counseling and medical services?

How do you help prevent a relapse?

Do you provide aftercare?

Insurance Coverage

In most cases, alcohol rehab will be covered by insurance, but your out-of-pocket costs will of course depend on your health policy as well as the program you choose. One thing’s for sure thought: only medically essential services will be part of the coverage. Hospital mental health care in hospitals, including alcohol rehab, is covered by Medicare Part A, while outpatient alcohol rehab falls under Medicare Part B.

In any case, make sure to take down notes and speak to your insurance agent. Be sure to inquire about copays and other costs; the exact coverage of your policy (inpatient, outpatient, etc. ); and the process by which they decide on coverage.

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